Enabling Worldwide COVID-19 Research

The Data Donor Project

Researchers looking to ensure the effectiveness and safety of treatments, medications and vaccines need access to a broad range of personal data. Speed is of the essence.

By working together to share personal data in combination with privacy-centric techniques such as explicit and informed consent, we can help accelerate cures and preventive measures. 


Gain access to real world data from across the world. We’re looking for collaborators from academia, research, pharma and beyond to support the development of the data donor programme.


Today you can already gather your data using apps like digi.me including medical records in some jurisdictions.

Soon you’ll be able to offer your data anonymously for research.

Why Data Donor is critical to COVID-19

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Covid vaccines are now being approved for mass use after a rapid, but comprehensive, trials regime. As they are administered to millions of citizens there is a need to understand their effectiveness in the real world. This requires Real World Evidence (RWE) from citizens around the world.

Capturing this data is incredibly challenging with current systems. This is where the data donor programme and the digi.me data wallet is helping to accelerate access to data.

How it works

The data donor programme is a not for profit initiative which allows citizens to gather their data using a secure personal data wallet such as digi.me, then enables them to share it for research purposes.

Academics, researchers, etc. can then use this data within the terms agreed with citizens.

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